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FlipFold as seen on The Today Show

On January 18th, 2016 FlipFold was featured on The Today Show. Click here to see the segment.

FlipFold as seen on The Big Bang Theory

On September 22, 2008 FlipFold appeared on the hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory" season premiere. The show focuses on two brilliant physicists who are learning how to interact outside of Academia.

The episode opens with Sheldon, one of the shows' witty characters, folding his laundry with the FlipFold! He even fold his socks with the FlipFold! It is a great scene- the FlipFold loved the spotlight!

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Since the Season 2 opener, FlipFold has been featured in additional Big Bang Theory episodes. Bazinga!

big idea on cnbc

FlipFold...The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

FlipFold was featured on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. The premise of the show was "Why didn't I think of that?"

Debbee Barker (Inventor of the FlipFold) was on with several other inventors discussing her product, the FlipFold, as well as the arduous process of product development.

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FlipFold & the Home Shopping Network

FlipFold has been on HSN for 15 years.
The Flip 'N Dazzle jewelry organizer, the Bee Bag handbag organizer,
and more of Debbee's chic,organizational products have also been featured at HSN.

Visit Debbee's blog for upcoming show times.