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FlipFold Junior Shirt Folder FlipFold Junior

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Price: $23.99
FlipFold Junior 2 Pack FlipFold Junior 2 Pack

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Shirt Folding Board - FlipFold Shirt Folder

Home Uses of Shirt & Laundry Folder
Are your closets and drawers filled with clutter?
Is folding at home making you shudder?
Then you need the FlipFold, the amazing folding tool that can fold your clothes to a uniform size in less than 5 seconds! It’s the perfect tool for home organization!

Commercial Uses of a Shirt Folder
FlipFold is the low cost solution to all of your folding needs. Don’t spend hours folding at home or organizing your retail store. Let FlipFold-the patented folding organizer do the work for you in half the time. Folding Shirts, long sleeve, short sleeve, pants, towels. One tool does it all!!!

Benefits of FlipFold Shirt & Laundry Folder
Easy to use , Cuts your folding time in half, Increases productivity, Uniform fold presentation
FlipFold folds shirts to a perfect 9"x12" rectangle (industry standard)
Great for: Retailers, Manufacturers, Screen Printers, Embroiderers