FlipFold Quality

Quality Material is #1
FlipFold is made in an injection mold from the highest grade of polypropylene plastic. As oil prices fluctuate, unfortunately so does the price of polypropylene plastic. Regardless of the cost, we always use the highest-grade quality material for our FlipFold's. Why? If we used a plastic made from inferior material the hinges of a FlipFold would not last long. FlipFold is a US patented product and made in the USA!

The Hinges
FlipFold is a 4-paneled folding board with 3 living hinges. When the FlipFold is removed from the injection mold the living hinges are immediately 'flexed' while the board is still slightly warm. This creates a white line at the center of the hinges, which creates memory, ensuring longevity.

Using a specifically engineered machine, we continually test our FlipFold's to ensure the quality of our raw materials, integrity of the injection mold & longevity of the living hinges. FlipFold has been tested to last approximately 60,000 folds. We know you probably don't have 60,000 shirts at home but many retailers & screen printers do!

The Holes
Why the holes? Without them FlipFold would not be aerodynamically correct & would not function properly. When you fold one side (or panel) of the FlipFold, the board would suck the shirt back open if the holes weren't there.

The Texture
There surface of a FlipFold has a particular texture to make sure slick garments stay in place when you are flipping & folding! Don't worry it is gentle on all types of fabrics.

The Colors
Currently we offer FlipFold in 11 different colors: blue, black, green, pink, purple, grey, yellow, orange, turquoise, navy, and deep purple. We use high quality colored dyes, which mix with the polypropylene to create vibrant colors.

The Feet
On the 4 corners of a FlipFold you will find raised feet each with rubber footers. The feet allow you to slide your hand underneath the FlipFold & the rubber footers ensure that the surface you are folding on is always protected. (And ladies-no damage to your manicure!)

The Instructions
Each FlipFold has instructions embossed on the bottom panel. It is actually part of the injection mold! This way, you will never forget how to FlipFold. Also, a set of paper instructions comes with every order. Visit FlipFold's Youtube Channel for "how to" videos.

The Box
Many years ago we designed a box specifically for our FlipFold's. This helps streamline the shipping process as well as to protect the FlipFold if the package is dropped. We take extreme care when packing each item, even adding extra cardboard cushion to decrease the chance of breakage during shipping.

The Knock-offs
We all want the best deal, especially when it comes to shopping online. Over the years "fake" or counterfeit FlipFold's have been popping up online, whether it is on eBay, Amazon or other "deal" sites. Sites selling counterfeit FlipFold's will illegally use our trademark name, pictures & even reference The Big Bang Theory. This can be confusing to the consumer, especially because they are under the impression that they are purchasing an authentic FlipFold.

We are constantly reporting these sites to keep our brand clean.

The "fake" FlipFolds are NOT made in the USA. Knock off FlipFolds are made with lesser quality materials, and do not last as long as our FlipFold, which is made in the USA.

Any questions or concerns? Please email us at info@flipfold.com

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The Container Store now ships internationally, including to Mexico.